Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, we’ll find the perfect fit.

Landlord Representation

Successful leasing isn’t just about formulas and numbers––it takes a local touch. Tenant selection and lease structuring are key aspects of successful long term value creation, which is why we focus on maximizing long term value and avoiding costly mistakes.
We take leasing very seriously––our legal and technical expertise is unmatched in our market.  We maintain relationships with national, regional and local brands. Our regional tenant pool built through years of tenant representation makes finding qualified tenants easy and painless.
When you are trying to decide what works for your property, you might do well to remember who the tenant’s customer is. In our market, we are your target customer.

Tenant Representation

No matter what your relation to the real estate business, your bottom line is heavily impacted by the costs associated with real estate.

If you want to minimize that impact, start by using a broker. Many tenants think they will get a better deal by going it alone. Every week we prove that wrong.

It takes real teamwork to secure the right location, which is why we take the time to understand where your business is and where it is going.

We have developed long standing, trusted relationships with local owners and landlords and keep on top of upcoming inventory. In a tight market like ours, that advantage is the difference between success and failure.


New to Leasing? Check out out Introduction to Leasing Guide by clicking here. 

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